Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy for Cancer

Some lay people believe hydrogen peroxide to be a good treatment for some variations of cancer. Separately, many alternative medicine practitioners have concluded that hydrogen peroxide therapy might be a good alternative to other cancer treatments [source: Farr and Josephs]. However, as with the use of hydrogen peroxide to treat HPV, there's no clear evidence that hydrogen peroxide can treat cancer. For this reason, you should consult your physician before considering hydrogen peroxide therapy.

Hydrogen peroxide therapy has many names, including oxidative therapy, bio-oxidative therapy, oxydology and oxymedicine [source: University of California]. These names have oxy as a base word because hydrogen peroxide has the ability to infuse the body with oxygen, thus making the body an oxygen-rich zone. Some advocates of hydrogen peroxide therapy believe that cancer cells blossom in areas that lack proper oxygen; therefore, the use of hydrogen peroxide is obvious. The theory behind hydrogen peroxide therapy is that the hydrogen peroxide can go into areas where oxygen is low and cancer cells are high. If the oxygen there can be increased, perhaps it could stop the cancer cells from thriving. According to proponents, hydrogen peroxide may bring healthy cells the energy they need in order to become stronger and ward off the cancer [source: American Cancer Society].

Though there were advocates of hydrogen peroxide therapy for treating cancer in the late 1800s, current evidence in the scientific world doesn't back up ideas that hydrogen peroxide therapy is effective in treating cancer. There is conflicting evidence as to whether or not the link between cancer and low oxygen levels in the cells even exists. Some doctors believe that the oxygen supply to these areas is sufficient, but the cells don't have the power to utilize the oxygen [source: Farr and Josephs]. This conflicting medical advice is something to keep in mind when searching for an alternative cancer therapy.

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