10 Home Remedies for Genital Herpes


Stress Management

girl in yoga pose
Stress is known to trigger herpes outbreaks, so managing stress is critical to keeping the virus dormant. SrdjanPav/Getty Images

In college facing a major exam? Is your company relying on you to make the next big sale? If you find your outbreaks seem connected to the big events in life, you may be surprised to find out why. Just like taking it easy and getting plenty of rest is important during an outbreak, those suffering from herpes should avoid stress whenever possible.

Stress has been directly linked to suppression of the immune system, your body's way of keeping the herpes virus dormant and in check [source: APA]. Successful stress management can reduce the frequency of outbreaks [source: ASHA]. Being conscientious of the fact is the first step in reducing stress associated with outbreaks.