5 Great Dental Tools for Home Use


Dental Plaque Staining

Who thought staining your teeth would be a good thing? Well, temporarily at least.

Dental plaque staining helps you pinpoint spots you may be missing in your daily brushing and flossing. True, staining your teeth sounds strange, but it's temporary and safe.

At-home plaque staining kits usually come with chewable tablets that can be spread on the surfaces of the teeth and then rinsed with water. Let's say your kit comes with red tablets. After chewing and spreading the tablets on the surfaces of your teeth and rinsing, look for a light pink dye when you smile.

The dye will cling to areas of your teeth that have excess plaque, giving you a direct view of the sticky growth itself. In principle, the system works along the same lines as a UV light that illuminates stains on a carpet, for instance. In fact, some plaque-detecting dyes are fluorescent and illuminate under a UV light.

Dental plaque staining tools can help if you want to better your dental health but might not be able to spot problem areas.

Next, we'll discuss a dental tool that frequents your dentist's hygiene tray during visits.