5 Water Flosser Tips

Orthodontic Tip
A favorite of metal mouths.
A favorite of metal mouths.

With some time and a little discomfort, wearing a fixed orthodontic device can help create a beautiful smile, but getting there usually means months of frustration trying to brush around brackets and wires. Dental plaque and bacteria can flourish in, around and behind braces, and not getting into all the nooks and crannies regularly can result in tooth decay, white spots (decalcification) and gum disease long before you're ready for your close up. Even spongy manual flossers have limited effectiveness when dealing with the complexities of orthodontic devices, unlike liquid flossers that use water to flush bacteria and food particles from hiding. An orthodontic tip uses dual action to brush and rinse braces simultaneously, keeping your mouth cleaner and your teeth and gums safer [source: Smart Health].

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