How to Care for an Abscessed Tooth

Homeopathic Remedies for an Abscessed Tooth

You've undoubtedly heard it said, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Such is the case with an abscessed tooth. But if you really want to know the single best homeopathic remedy for an abscessed tooth -- well, that answer comes in the form of several daily practices. These simple, preventative steps are recommended by Home Remedy Central:

  • Daily flossing
  • Twice a day (or more) brushing
  • Healthy eating and avoidance of excess sweets

If an abscessed tooth can't be prevented, there are other home remedies that can be considered. Understand, however, that these homeopathic remedies will only help in the short term. They will treat some of your symptoms, but they won't solve the underlying problem -- you have an infection. For that reason, you'll want to consult with your doctor or dentist even if you've used a home remedy that has provided noticeable relief [source: Home Remedy Central].

Warm salt water and an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine will also sooth the discomfort and cleanse the infection until you can see a health professional. Other home remedies include hepar sulph or calcium sulphide, which work to remove the fluids in the infection [source: Home Remedy Central].

It's easy to argue "it's just a toothache; I don't really need to worry about this," but an abscessed tooth will not heal itself. Address the symptoms with pain relievers (homeopathic or otherwise), then see your doctor as soon as possible.

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