10 Embarrassing Problems You Don't Want to Discuss with Your Doctor



Discussing just about anything that falls under the umbrella of "sex" can feel taboo, and -- as mentioned earlier -- any problems you're having in that department may seem downright shameful. But when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the sooner you talk to your doctor, the better. Talking to your doctor ASAP means treatment can begin immediately, possibly preventing worsening health due to an STD. For example, an STD such as syphilis can cause serious damage to your body if left unchecked, including damage to the internal organs -- even the brain.

With HIV, a disease that -- to some -- seems to come with an automatic death sentence, there are advantages to seeking medical attention promptly. Treatments for HIV are continually advancing, meaning that the long-term outlook for those who are HIV-positive is much better than it was in past decades.

An added bonus of seeking treatment: If you have reason to believe you've contracted an STD, your doctor will be able to test for other STDs that might have otherwise gone undetected. You'll also reduce the risk of transmission to others through treatment and education. You may even save yourself a lot of stress and grief if your diagnosis of yourself turns out to be wrong.