Preventive Care

Preventative care and services are performed in an effort to prevent major illness or injury. Learn about some of the different types of preventative care you can take along with specific prevention for men, women and children.

Chronic neck pain may be a sign of something more serious, but body position and the proper pillow go a long way toward helping you wake up pain-free.

Liquid nitrogen is a cool new dessert ingredient. But is it safe?

Adolescence is a notoriously tough time for people with Type 1 diabetes, but a study shows that giving them money might help them manage the illness more effectively.

A new study examines the impact of the WI-38 human cell strain, from lives saved to cases of disease prevented.

It may sound odd, but some people swear that swishing oil — yes, oil — in your mouth can net benefits for both oral and overall health. What's the scoop with oil pulling?

Create a safe, healthy home to protect the important people in your life – your family. These must-have items are the secrets to a safe, healthy home.

Blisters on your toes and feet are annoying and uncomfortable, but you don't you have to sacrifice fashion for healthy feet. Here's how to avoid blisters.

Wellness doesn't just happen. Only conscious choices can give you a vibrant, energy-filled existence. Like any other challenge in life, treat positive lifestyle changes as an opportunity to mature and grow. See these recommendations to get started.

How good is your health sense? Take a look at these 10 health sense tips for easy actions to make your everyday living healthier.

If you're heading to the beach, you need to be aware of some beach hazards. Learn about the top 10 beach hazards here to be prepared.

Whether it's reforming bad habits or being a better friend, we have 10 suggestions to help set you on the path to a life transformation. Read on...

Everyone loves a big ol' barbecue. But not everyone considers the risks involved before firing up the grill. The tales of mishaps are legion, and here are some of the worst.

Whether it's an unsightly rash on your rear end or trouble in the bedroom, an embarrassing health problem may be the last thing you want to talk about, but some can be life-threatening. Which are we least likely to bring up with someone who can help?

They live well into their nineties and often times up break the hundred year mark. Their existence is healthy but the underlying reasons are often cultural.

Don't stop dosing yourself with Vitamin C, but don't overlook some of the other more fun ways to stay healthy this sick season.

Can petting your pup, doing down dog, and eating fat keep you healthy? Yes they can.

Caulk is good for your home, except when it's bad. Learn more about caulking and health.

It’s a big part of so many of our lives. Even if we are active outside of work, whether it be by hitting the gym, hiking, biking, practicing yoga, or whatever your favorite hobby, much of our day is spent behind a desk typing away at our computers.

While most homes have at least one first-aid kit, another important item that each family member should have at the ready is a medical history document. You can learn more about what to include in a medical history document from this article.

Most of us have mysterious pains from time to time, and they usually go away on their own. But what if those small, random pains signal a larger underlying problem? Some pains shouldn't be ignored, and doing so may put your health, or your life, at risk.

When we think of common worldwide diseases, we may think of conditions like HIV or diabetes. But there are many diseases that are actually more common than these that get very little attention. What are they, and why does this happen?

Many inventions and ideas of the last century had some potential to be useful, but actually will have negative consequences to our bodies or the environment. Learn about the detriments of everyday items.

Mosquitoes are known to carry disease, leave uncomfortable and painful bites, and ruin picnics. But before you reach for the can of chemicals, try these natural mosquito repellants.

We consulted nutrition, health and fitness experts to come up with seven simple steps for better health. See how to stay healthy even with a busy lifestyle.

Being healthy is about more than just being free of germs. Get some tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle -- from the inside out.