Top 5 Cat Allergy Symptoms

The kiss of death! (Well, for people with severe cat allergies, that is.)

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock

About 10 percent of the population experiences symptoms triggered by pet-related allergens, and felines are frequently to blame. Contact with the proteins in cats' saliva, dander (skin flakes) and urine can cause the body to go into overdrive, attempting to fight off these harmless interlopers as it would more treacherous invaders such as dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Based on the symptoms, it can be hard to tell the difference between allergies and other maladies like a cold or the flu, and once you've determined allergies are to blame, figuring out what's sparking them can be even more problematic. But there are some symptoms which, when taken together, might suggest your kitty could be causing the problems.

Ready to find out if some persistent symptoms are being triggered by the presence of your pet? Find out what could be pet-related -- and what you can do about it -- on the following pages.