Lung Allergies
Kids and Cats

Although some evidence suggests that exposure to pets at a young age may decrease allergic tendencies over a lifetime (genetic dispositions aside), if your kids already suffer from allergies, a cat could very well exacerbate the issue. Pay close attention to make sure that unending "cold" isn't actually allergies. And by extension, make sure those allergies aren't triggering asthma attacks, and be prepared in case they ever do.

Apart from giving you a simple sore throat, cat allergies can also exacerbate lung problems like asthma, causing sufferers to cough and wheeze. People who are very sensitive to cat allergens should just avoid close contact with cats -- and beware of cat owners and their homes. That's because unless cat-friendly people also clean surfaces like carpets, furniture and bedding frequently, their homes will likely be loaded with cat dander and all the rest. They can even carry allergens to your house on their clothes.

On the next page, we'll discuss the lynchpin of cat allergy symptoms.