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Sleep Journal

A sleep journal can help you learn to get a better night's sleep. Follow one writer's sleep journal to find all about sleep, dream analysis and help for sleep disorders.

Sleep Deprivation

You may not see the side effects of sleep deprivation immediately, but they'll creep up soon or later. Get examples of the effects of sleep deprivation, a common problem in our fast-paced society.

The Cost of Fatigue Is Great — and a Short Nap May Just Help Pay the Debt

Sleep expert Mark Rosekind, Ph.D. says naps are an undervalued resource in combating sleepiness.

On Dreams and Dreaming

Dream researcher Patricia Garfield talks about dreams and dreaming.

Acting Out Dreams

Learn why you don't physically act out your dreams in this article.

Creating the Right Sleep Environment

Sleep Dispatch 17: Writer Vince Rause looks at the importance of good sleep habits, also known as sleep hygiene.

Creative Dreaming

Sleep Dispatch 18: Writer Vince Rause talks with dream expert Patricia Garfield about creative dreaming.

Dream Experiment

Try this experiment to see the difference between imagination and dreams.

Dreaming for Science

Sleep Dispatch 14: Writer Vince Rause takes part in a dream experiment at the Dream and Nightmare Laboratory at Sacre Coeur Hospital in Montreal.

Dream Interviews

Sleep Dispatch 11: Writer Vince Rause speaks with Gayle Delaney, who suggests that you don't need to know dream theory to interpret your own dream.

Dreams: Finding Out What Really Matters

Sleep Dispatch 9: Writer Vince Rause visits the University of Creation Spirituality to explore the spiritual elements of his dreams.

Writer Vince Rause talks about the changes in his own sleep habits based on what he learned during his month-long quest for a good night's sleep.