Dating Faux Pas
Man on phone during date

If you want to score a second date, it's probably a bad idea to stay on your cell all night.

Andersen Ross/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Just about everyone has at least one nightmare dating story. Most of them are the run-of-the-mill, "I got stood up" or "She never called" tales, but a few are frightening enough to make any sane single person want to crawl under the covers.

For example, Marisa's blind date with her younger sister's soccer coach seemed to be going well, until halfway through dinner when he came out with: "I just need to ask you one important question before we move forward -- do you believe in werewolves? Because I need to be with a woman who shares my interest in mythical creatures." [source: Fox News] Hmm…maybe not a love connection!

From minor blunders to faux pas serious enough to qualify as "nightmare dating stories," we'll count down some of the biggest dating mistakes people make. Some are foolish and others are rude, but just about all of them will prevent you from ever getting to the second date.