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Styling Products

Hair styling products are a daily essential for most people. Get tips and learn about different styling products.

Use Vegetable Oil to Condition Your Hair

Screw the Pantene. Give your hair a green sheen

Why shell out the dollars, and the resources, for a product that you can make from home? Learn more about making your own hair gel is so easy. See more »

Screw the Pantene. Give your hair a green sheen See more »

Flat or frizz? Summer Hair Tips

These summer hair tips can help you deal with frizzy, flat or humidified hair. Get summer hair tips at TLC Style now. See more »

5 Ways to Care for Your Hair with Bathroom Items

There are many ways to care for hair, but these five tips show you how to use your bathroom items in unusual ways. See ways to care for your hair. See more »

How to Make Hair Products

It isn't too hard to make hair products -- great if you are adventurous or on a budget. See how to make hair products, including shampoos and treatments. See more »

Hair Care Tips

Hair care doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Read these hair care tips for quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to make your hair shine. See more »