Although it's a dating site for the general public, Match.com is ranked the top older adult dating site of 2011 by ConsumerRankings.com. Match.com scored big points for its wealth of available mature adults -- 2.5 million, according to Consumer Rankings. Additionally, the site's 50-65 age group is its fastest-growing demographic, posting an 89 percent increase over the last five years, according to Time.com.

With such a large number of potential matches, you're almost guaranteed to have some quality dates, says Erik Larson, head of NextAdvisor.com, a company that provides expert reviews of online services. Larson's company gave a favorable rating to Match.com because one-quarter of its members are older than 50.

The site is also rated high by members for its ease of use and practical guidance in creating a profile. Finally, Match.com is considered overall the fastest-growing dating site in the world, so if you can't find that special someone out of the 2.5-million-member pool, you can console yourself knowing there will always be a few thousand more new people joining soon.

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