Active Retirement

Need tips and ideas for adjusting to retirement? Take a look at these articles to learn about retirement activities and more.

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A study shows that five years after retirement, many Americans begin to decline mentally and physically.

By Dave Roos

Swimming is one of the most rewarding activities an athlete can try. It can be as relaxing or as strenuous at you can make it, and it provides a host of health benefits. Here are 10 of the most important.

By Michael Franco

Not only does tennis let you combine your social life with an aerobic workout, but also, hitting -- or chasing -- that ball improves your mind as well as your body.

By Caitlin Uttley


Online dating isn't just for the 30-somethings and younger. There are plenty of options to make a love connection through these top five dating sites for older adults.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

The easiest prescription for preserving bone density is weight-bearing exercise, which makes the bones work against gravity and slows the rate of bone loss. What's the one for you?

By Maria Trimarchi

It seems to make sense that if we're involved in activities we enjoy, we'll live a longer, healthier life, right? A study known as the activity theory of aging set out to prove just that.

By Terri Briseno

Your career is behind you, and the rest of your life awaits. But what should you do with all your spare time? Anything you want. And we have five activities that just might suit your interests.

By Sara Elliott


Retirement can be a fun and exciting time -- if you fill your days and nights with fun and exciting things to do. We have a list of five activities that you can do to put some pep in your step and maybe even some extra money in your pocket.

By Sara Elliott

After years of a structured schedule, the hours afforded by retirement can seem endless to some retirees. It's possible to make your retirement years happy and healthy -- you just need to approach things a bit differently.

By Shanna Freeman