10 Common Nightmares

Suffering an Injury, Illness or Death

Dreams of serious illness or death are very distressing, especially when we're reminded of that chilling old rumor that claims "if you die in your dreams, you will also die in your sleep." Don't worry, plenty of people have had these dreams and have lived to tell the tale. While dwelling on death can seem very morbid, in dreams, it can actually signify a change or new beginning. Death can represent the end of a certain stage in life -- you know, like the end of your flannel and overalls hobo-chic stage -- which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

But not all dreams about death have a silver lining. Sometimes they represent the ominous raincloud they seem to be. Dreams of injury, illness and death can signify feelings of emotional hurt, or fear of being hurt. If a loved one is the one who is ill or dying, it may mean that the part of yourself you see in that person feels as if it were lost or dead. If you dream you are dying suggests you are no longer able to cope with a troubling situation, and should seek the help or advice of others.

Dreams involving illness and death can be extremely frightening, but don't take them too literally because you could be oversimplifying their true meanings.