Top 10 Home Safety Tips for Kids


Keep Cleaning Materials and Other Chemicals Away from Children

From detergent to deodorant, many household products are potentially poisonous to kids if swallowed. To childproof your house, think from a child's perspective, even getting down on your hands and knees to see things from your child's point of view.

Be sure to install cabinet guards on any cabinet where cleaners, chemicals or garden fertilizers are stored. Keep these products in their original container; do not store them in a container where they might be mistaken for food.

If there are certain rooms that aren't childproofed or contain many potential hazards, such as a workshop or a hobby room, keep the door closed and install a doorknob cover or childproof lock.

Store all medicines in a locked cabinet, away from a child's reach. Even cabinets that are up high need a lock, because curious kids might climb up to see what's inside.

Never leave cosmetics and toiletries within easy reach. Children like to mimic the things they see their parents doing, and everyday products like perfume, hairspray, nail polish and remover, even mouthwash, can be harmful to children.

If an accident occurs despite all of your precautions, and you find your child holding a half-used bottle of detergent, contact the American Association of Poison Control immediately at 1.800.222.1222. Experts are on-call to help guide you to the most appropriate first aid and the next step for treatment.