Progesterone Cream and Fertility

Using Natural Progesterone for Conception

There's a popular assumption that replacement hormones should be used at the first hint of infertility. In reality, fertility doctors take a more measured approach in treating patients who are having trouble getting pregnant. For starters, the probable cause of a woman's infertility is thoroughly investigated before a treatment is prescribed. This is because too much of certain hormones, like progesterone, can have undesired effects -- like making pregnancy even less likely.

So, before taking natural progesterone as a conception aid, have your progesterone levels tested. If it's determined that you have low progesterone, your doctor might recommend prescription progesterone. If he or she doesn't, then you can ask about natural progesterone cream.

Natural progesterone cream can be found at many health food stores and pharmacies. Look for creams that contain no ingredients other than progesterone, and be warned that Mexican wild yam cream is not a progesterone substitute.

To use progesterone cream effectively, apply around a 1/4 teaspoon (1.2 milliliters) to a fatty area of the body, such as the stomach, breasts or thighs. You should alternate where you put each dose. And don't overdo it; excess progesterone will only harm your chances of conceiving.

Knowing when to apply natural progesterone cream during your cycle can be tricky. Increasing your progesterone at the wrong time of the month could also work against your ability to get pregnant. This is yet another reason you should consult with a doctor when using the cream.

If you're looking to increase overall progesterone in your body without a cream or prescription, take more magnesium or vitamin B6 [source: Kittel]. Again, just make sure you check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplements as they can have side effects or interact with other drugs and supplements.

Keep reading to find out just how low progesterone impacts your body and, more specifically, your ability to get pregnant.

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