Guide to Being 26 Weeks Pregnant

What's Going On In Your Body

Length: Over 9 inches (head to rump). Weight: About 2 pounds. Hiccups: Totally normal.

In week 26, if you feel some rather rhythmic movement in your uterus that seems to last a good while, your baby may be dancing to the radio while you drive, since those ears are working now. More likely, though, it's hiccups. It's a common, painless occurrence these days, often a side effect of lung development.

Some of the other intrauterine activities and stats in week 26 include:

  • Eyes are starting to open, and ears are functioning.
  • Lungs are continuing to develop.
  • A boy's testicles are starting to drop into the scrotum.

One really big occurrence this week is brain development. At 26 weeks, your baby's brain waves look like a newborn's, and he or she is starting to react to stimuli like flashing lights, music, a barking dog and, of course, your voice, which your baby might actually be able to recognize now, not just hear. That familiarity will serve him or her well in the confusion immediately following birth -- so talk about your dreams, the names you're considering and your plans for shedding the baby weight later on. Somebody's listening.

Speaking of baby weight, your partner may want to take note of a related, common pregnancy side effect.

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