Guide to Being 10 Weeks Pregnant

Exercise during pregnancy helps prepare your body for labor and delivery. See more pregnancy pictures.

Although you can't feel it yet, your uterus has turned into a playground. Your baby is turning somersaults, and kicking and waving. Because your baby's about the size of a quarter, there's plenty of room to swim around without bumping into a uterine wall (and sending you a surefire signal that he's galloping around in there).

While you're waiting to feel the first flutter of movement, you may want to stock up on a few pregnancy books. If morning sickness is slowing you down, spending a few restful moments with some light reading could help you recharge -- and figure out what to expect during the next 30 weeks of baby incubation.

Along with the "how to" books that will certainly comprise much of your collection, save space for books filled with photographs. For example, In the Womb: Witness the Journey from Conception to Birth, reveals the miracle of a baby's development using 3D images. Not only does it make a nice coffee table addition for curious guests, but it's also a great way to reflect on the many changes going on in your body -- and with your baby -- that you can't necessarily see with the naked eye.

What else should you consider, now that you've reached Week 10? Keep reading to find out.