Guide to Being 31 Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

Partners, be aware: Your role will get more intense from here on out, because you're moving from relative bystander to full-on coach. Whether your lady goes natural or chooses medication, she'll need your support in the labor room like never before. Giving birth is no joke, and it can get a lot crazier than in the movies.

On that note, another point to be aware of is this: It's wonderful to have your own views and desires regarding the way your child is brought into this world. You are absolutely, and crucially, a part of the decision-making process when it comes to a birth plan. But it's not your body that's going through labor, so be very open-minded to what the pregnant lady wants in terms of going natural or getting pain meds. She's the one squeezing a watermelon through a nostril.

Your birth plan is just one thing to put some thought into this week. There are some others you may want to start (or continue or finish) considering in week 31 …