Guide to Being 30 Weeks Pregnant

A strong nesting instinct can kick in around the 30th week of pregnancy. Don't fight it; enjoy it! See more pregnancy pictures.

Well, you've made it to 30 weeks, another major mental milestone. You're three-quarters of the way there now! Even though you have 10 weeks left, just envision a quick countdown from 10, and boom, you'll be at your due date before you know it.

At 30 weeks, your nesting instincts might be starting to kick in, but you're using that energy to obsess over fun things like your registry and the baby's room. There's still plenty of time before you have to pack your hospital bag (although don't wait too long on this one). A good night's sleep might be a thing of the past because of your size at this point in the pregnancy, but again, a positive attitude is the key here. Think of it as prime time to catch up on quality late-night (and early morning) TV.

So what's going on with your bundle of joy this week? Read on to find out.