Guide to Being 31 Weeks Pregnant

Some Things to Consider
Check your area for childbirth classes if you plan to finish up before the big day.
Check your area for childbirth classes if you plan to finish up before the big day.

Oh my, how the time is ticking down. This week, you'll probably want to get some plans solidified -- or at least get well on the road to that end, since you may have as little as six weeks until you bring your newborn home. A few of the important ones include:

  • The nursery -- Any furniture you need to buy or assemble? Do you have your newborn essentials, like blankets and clothing and bottles or a breast pump? Start gathering now, if you haven't yet, so you don't have that particular brand of stress as you near the big day.
  • The hospital bag -- You don't need to pack it, but you may want to start making a list of what you want to bring.
  • The penis -- Your baby boy's, that is. Will it be circumcised? This can turn into a debate these days, so give yourselves some time to decide.
  • Childbirth classes -- If you want to finish before labor begins, it's time to start.

Another thing to consider this week? Solutions to your pregnancy symptoms, since they might be getting pretty intense. Here are just a few:

  • For heartburn, eat six small meals a day instead of three bigger ones, and sleep on an incline.
  • For back pain, stop any heavy (or even medium-weight) lifting, get off your feet, apply a low-heat heating pad, and treat yourself to a massage.
  • For sleep, invest in a body pillow, which can significantly decrease the burden of your heavy, protruding abdomen.
  • For leaking urine, get serious about those pelvic-floor-strengthening Kegels, which can help decrease leakage, and wear a panty liner.
  • For leaking breasts, try breast-feeding pads. You put them in your bra to absorb any leakage.

And finally, a few things you needn't sweat too much (or at all).