Guide to Being 31 Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If…
Don't worry too much about all the tiny details.
Don't worry too much about all the tiny details.

There is, admittedly, a lot to do at 31 weeks, since you may have just a couple of months for final preparations. In the interest of time, try not to waste any mental or physical energy stressing about:

  • You're twice the size/half the size of your 31-weeks-pregnant friend -- Everyone carries differently. If your belly is relatively small or large, it doesn't mean you'll deliver a low-birth-weight baby or a giant, respectively. It mostly means your baby is in a different position and/or you have a different body type from your friend.
  • Your breasts aren't leaking -- This means nothing. Whether or not you can see it, your breasts are producing colostrum.
  • You're peeing every time you cough -- It's not a sign that you'll be incontinent for the rest of your life. Once you deliver, your urine-holding capacity will almost certainly return to its former glory. (And if it doesn't, your doctor can help.)

And while you're not worrying about that stuff, you might as well not worry (too much) about anything, if you can help it. What will be will be. That baby has a (rapidly developing) mind of his or her own, and whether you go into labor in six weeks or 12 weeks isn't within your control. And if you go into labor before you get around to buying a car seat, your mother-in-law can pick one up on her way to the hospital.

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