10 Things No One Tells You About Labor

Giving Birth is Messy

Whether baby heads out your hoo-ha or exits through a scar worth bragging about, giving birth is an indelicate affair. So get ready to get messy. Like us, at the first sign of contractions you may have arisen early, showered, applied makeup and given your hair a blowout. Ready for a red carpet walk into the delivery room, you embark with matching luggage and a beautifully appointed diaper bag (custom-ordered from your Etsy fave). You feel beautiful and in control. For about a hot minute.

Cut to a few hours later: You've got amniotic fluid dripping down your legs and onto the bed, as well as the floor (when -- not if -- your extra padding fails on the way to the toilet). When baby does arrive, he'll likely be covered in vernix (a creamy white substance) and blood, and soon, so will you. And you won't care a bit. If a C-section is in your future, don't be alarmed if the docs wear rubber galoshes like they're expecting a downpour. In a way, they are. There's nothing quite like the gush of amnio from a balloon-like internal sac. You won't wonder why the operating room floor is non-slip, that's for sure.