Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery explains the signs and symptoms of labor and the process of childbirth. Topics include childbirth medications, the stages of the labor process and c-sections.

Doulas don't have any medical training but many mothers depend on them to be in the delivery room to offer support. What do mothers like about doulas and how do you become one?

C-sections are life-saving interventions for many women. Could they also be messing with natural selection?

But researchers are working on a method to boost the microbiota of babies born by C-section.

There is no hard, scientific evidence proving that a pedicure -- or foot massage – will help induce labor if you've carried full term. Then again, why not try it?

The long, complicated process of labor and deliver is believed to be started by the baby. Learn what a baby experiences during labor and delivery.

We talked to women who've been there to find out what they wish someone had told them before they went into labor. Read on to see their top 10 labor and delivery secrets!

Every birth is momentous to those involved, but some birth stories stand out for being medical (or social media) miracles. Which five made our list?

People ask pregnant women a lot of questions. What names are you considering? When are you due? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? Are you going to use a midwife or a doula -- or both -- and just what's the difference, anyway?

You've read all the pregnancy books from cover to cover but there are certain things you'll only know once you join the "Mother's Club." We'll let you in on a few secrets ahead of time.

The maternity ward is sure to be busy on a full moon, right? Or is the so-called lunar effect about as real as werewolves?

Most of the time, neither you nor your doctor can know whether you'll need a cesarean until you see how your labor progresses and how your baby tolerates labor. What do you need to know about having a cesarean section?

What if women could schedule childbirth? In fact, more and more pregnant women in the U.S. are opting for induced labor -- and not necessarily for medical reasons. Learn about the pros and cons of induced labor.

Sometimes home births happen without being part of the plan. Read this story of a home birth that wasn't meant to happen.

Preterm labor and delivery can happen to any pregnant woman. But they happen more often to some women than to others. Learn about some of the risk factors that are linked to preterm labor.

Preterm or premature labor happens when you go into labor three or more weeks before your due date. What are the risks associated with preterm labor?

While health care for preemies is improving, taking steps to prevent preterm labor and its complications for your baby is vital. Learn about preventing preterm labor.

Childbirth is a miracle, but it's a rather messy one. Before you can hold that precious baby, you've got to bring it into the world -- with blood, sweat and tears.

Planning for a baby's arrival involves more than just picking out a name and a nursery scheme. Nowadays, you have to decide whether to save the baby's umbilical cord blood from the trash.

The C-section rate is rising in the United States and around the world. What kinds of pregnancy and labor complications can lead to C-sections, and why do some women plan to have them?

What happens if a woman goes into preterm labor and it doesn't stop on its own? Check out what we have uncovered about this condition and how it is treated.

What are the signs of preterm labor? Be prepared with the advice and tips that can help with a preterm labor in this article.

Diabetes effects millions of people no matter the race or ethnicity. Learn more about diabetes, the causes and risks that are associated with this disease.

Giving birth is a monumental task. Where will you decide to deliver your baby? What types of healthcare professionals do you prefer? This article provides in-depth information on birthing methods, doctors, midwives and childbirth classes, to name a few.

While the new mother can never fully know what to expect when giving birth, everyone should have at least a vague idea the physical and emotional events of normal spontaneous labor. Learn about childbirth medications.

Did you know that labor is divided into three stages? Find out what they are and how to tell when they start happening.