10 Tips for Parents of Out-of-control Teens

Take Control

The title of this article refers to the belief that troubled teens are "out of control," but in fact, the most dangerous teens are often in control of the entire family. They hold their homes hostage with their disturbing and frightening behavior because parents may be too fearful to assert their power. It's important to remember that you, as a parent, control the home. You set the rules and the consequences for breaking those rules, and you are responsible for ensuring that your home is a safe and secure place. If you've been too permissive with your children in an effort to be their buddy, you may have to make some changes in yourself. Parenting classes or parenting coaches who specialize in teen behavior can help you learn how to modify your behavior. Don't allow yourself to be held a prisoner in your home; take control for what happens within it, even if you can't control what your teen does outside of it.

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