10 Dating Faux Pas


Crossing the Line

Man talking on cell phone while woman looks mad
Talking to your ex on the phone for any reason is a surefire way to upset your date.

There are a few behaviors that cross the line into dating nightmare legends. Here are some of the worst dating faux pas ever committed. Unless you're trying to get out of a bad relationship, don't try these at home:

  • Casually asking your date, "Doesn't the waitress have fabulous breasts?" or handing the waitress your business card and whispering, "Call me."
  • Pulling a Britney Spears when you step out of the car because you decided your little black dress would look better commando.
  • Referring to yourself in the third person all night: "Tom would like the caviar" or "Tom would like to kiss you."
  • Asking your date if she'd mind if you stopped to visit your parole officer on the way to dinner.
  • Mentioning your cat in every other sentence.
  • Mentioning your mother (or father) in every other sentence.
  • Talking on your cell phone to an ex-girlfriend (or ex-boyfriend).
  • Telling your first date what kind of dress or tux you'd like to wear when the two of you get hitched.

Try to avoid these dating faux pas, and if your date commits any, reconsider whether you're meant to be. Find links to more dating tips below.

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