5 Cute Ways to Tell a Girl Goodnight

Well, this is awkward. What are you going to do now?
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It's been a perfect date. You talked all night. You held hands. You stared dreamily into each other's eyes.

Now your amazing evening is coming to an end, and you've got to figure out a way to end the date that makes you seem cool and interested in your new paramour -- at the same time.


Saying good night sounds like a no-brainer, but it's actually pretty hard to do. As you contemplate that walk to your date's front door, zillions of questions race through your mind: "Do I go in for the kiss?" "Should I ask for another date, or just tell her I'll call her tomorrow?" "If I tell her how much I like her, will she think I'm a total dork?"

You could go the traditional route, saying a plain old "good night" or (if the vibe feels right and her parents aren't hovering at the windows) give her a kiss. Or, you could try one of these five creative and very cute ways of bringing your date to a close. Use one of these techniques, and we guarantee it will be a date she'll never forget.

5: Say it in Another Language

"Good night" sounds so dry and uninspiring when you say it in English. Think how much more sophisticated and worldly you'll sound if instead you say it in French: "Bonne nuit," (pronounced bun-nwee) Italian: "Buonanotte" (bwohn-ah-note-teh) or Chinese: "Wǎnān" (wah-ahn).

Or, you could get even more exotic and say good night to your date in one of these languages:


Swedish -- God natt (gohd-naht)

Polish -- Dobranoc (dohbrah-notz)

Tagalog -- Magandang gabi (mah-gan-dang ga-bi)

Russian- -- Spokoinoi nochi (spuh-koi-nai no-chee)

Japanese -- Oyasumi (oh-yeah-sue-mee)

Swahili -- Usiku mwema (oo-see-koo mm-weh-mah)

Want to impress her even more? Don't just say the words "good night" in another language. Make an entire statement. She might not have any idea what you're saying (especially if she wasn't paying attention in her foreign language classes), but she'll love the way the words sound rolling off your tongue.


You're amazing -- Tu es magnifique! (Tü eh mah-nyee-feek!)

You're for me the most beautiful -- Tu es pour moi la plus belle (Tü eh pour mwah la plü belle)


You're beautiful -- Eres muy bonita (Eh-res mooee bo-nee-tah)

You have a beautiful smile -- Tu sonrisa es bonita (Too son-rree-sah es boh-nee-tah)

I enjoy being with you, because you put a smile on my face -- Me gusta estar contigo, me haces sonreír (Me goo-sta es-tar con-tee-go, me ah-ses son-ray-eer)


You are my star -- Tu sei la mia stella (Too say la mee-ah ste-lah)

You are everything for me -- Sei tutto per me (Say too-toh pehr meh)

We have a few more sweetly romantic ways to say "good night" on the next page.

4: Sing It

If all else fails, say it with music.
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Channel your inner Justin Bieber and set your feelings to music. Think how much of a rock star you'll be in your girl's eyes if you sing her a love song on her front porch or under her window? She'll think you're a modern-day Romeo with a guitar.

If you're bold enough to attempt a serenade, pick a song that's not only romantic, but that also captures how you feel about your date, like the Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody" or Stevie Wonder's "You are the Sunshine of My Life." Better yet, sing her favorite song.


You'll score big points for this over-the-top romantic movie approach. Remember Julia Stiles' reaction when Heath Ledger serenaded her character from the bleachers in "10 Things I Hate About You"?

One word of advice, though: Serenading your sweetheart only works when you can actually carry a tune. If you made the "American Idol" blooper reel, or the neighborhood dogs tend to start howling when you break into song, skip the Heath Ledger approach and instead follow John Cusack's lead from "Say Anything." Hold up your boom box (or hook your iPod to a speaker dock) and let one of her favorite musicians do the singing for you.

3: Write a Note

Too embarrassed to say how you feel? Write it instead.

Rather than saying goodnight, hand your date a letter. Tell her to wait to open it until you've gone. With this approach, you'll seem both romantic and mysterious. (Make sure to do the hand-off in a positive way, though, or she's liable to think you're breaking up with her via letter.)


When writing the letter, really think it through. Don't just sloppily jot down a few thoughts on a piece of paper torn from your notebook. Use the good stationery -- the stuff in your parents' desk drawer. Spend some time crafting your note on scrap paper until you've captured exactly what you want to say. Then use a good pen and careful penmanship so she doesn't think you "really bike" her.

Consider the tone of your note. Do you want it to sound upbeat, cool, or romantic? If you go too far over the top with the romance, you might scare her off and never make it to the next date. You want the note to be positive, but not gushing. It should be honest, but not fawning.

A letter might seem old-fashioned if you've grown up on electronic communication, but believe us -- it's far more romantic to read a handwritten expression of interest than yet another "U R cute" text message.

2: Recite a Poem

Don't worry. Pouring your heart out on paper shouldn't be that difficult.
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Robert Burns compared his love to a "red, red rose." Shakespeare thought his was more like "a summer's day." These guys knew how to write some serious poetry; after all, they came up with some of the most romantic lines ever penned.

Don't roll your eyes. You might dread the thought of using iambic pentameter in English class, but poems are actually a great way to get girls. For centuries men have written and recited poetry to articulate their feelings about the women they loved, and their lyrical efforts really paid off.


Your words don't even need to rhyme to count as poetry. Just jot down your feelings into a few simple lines, like this:

Your eyes dance like fireflies in the moonlight Your cheeks glow like stars Your lips are like two waiting pillows For my lips to fall upon

One piece of advice, though: you might want to skip the poetry writing if your best efforts read something like this:

Your rack's beyond compare Large and round like melons Your hind view's even better So nice I have to stare

In that case, you're better off leaving the poetry to the pros and just carrying your book of Shakespearean sonnets on the date with you.

1: Don't Say Anything

Instead of saying "good night," tell your date you'll call tomorrow -- and make sure you actually do it. In the meantime, go home and think about everything that makes her special and wonderful, and all the reasons why you like her and want to see her again.

Record those thoughts into a video using your webcam or camcorder. Then e-mail the video to her, or if you can handle the potential fallout, post it on You Tube and send her the link to view.


If you're feeling especially creative, you can record a special skit or song for her. Maybe you make a time-lapse video showing yourself sitting at your computer, waiting until the next time you can see her. Or, you can create a stop-motion animation of Legos acting out your plans for your next date.

Just remember to keep the video clean, and be careful where you send it. It's easy for videos to go viral online -- and the last thing you want is for your English teacher to see you pouring your heart out online.


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