5 Cute Ways to Tell a Girl Goodnight

Don't Say Anything

Instead of saying "good night," tell your date you'll call tomorrow -- and make sure you actually do it. In the meantime, go home and think about everything that makes her special and wonderful, and all the reasons why you like her and want to see her again.

Record those thoughts into a video using your webcam or camcorder. Then e-mail the video to her, or if you can handle the potential fallout, post it on You Tube and send her the link to view.

If you're feeling especially creative, you can record a special skit or song for her. Maybe you make a time-lapse video showing yourself sitting at your computer, waiting until the next time you can see her. Or, you can create a stop-motion animation of Legos acting out your plans for your next date.

Just remember to keep the video clean, and be careful where you send it. It's easy for videos to go viral online -- and the last thing you want is for your English teacher to see you pouring your heart out online.


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