How to Even Out Your Skin Tone

Moisturizing to Even Out Your Skin Tone

Moisturizing itself won't even out your skin tone, but it's an important step in the complete process. We've already discussed exfoliation, which is the first step. It makes sure dead skin cells aren't hanging around and making the surface of your skin rough and uneven. It's an important step and it's easy, so there are no excuses. Make sure you exfoliate at least once a week.

Keeping your skin moisturized is the second step. It's part of the preparation for the final and most effective step in the process, which is applying makeup. What you need to know is that makeup goes on smooth skin much easier than rough skin, and moisturizing will help keep your skin smooth [source: Aloette]. Think of it this way: It's easier to paint a smooth line on a flat canvas than on a canvas with a bunch of folds on it. The same idea works for our skin.

Moisturizing will help you prevent wrinkles and flaky, dry skin. Some moisturizers even have the ability to reduce the wrinkles that have already formed. These products can range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred. If you find you can't afford the pricier version, try looking for a moisturizer high in Vitamin E and antioxidants. Both these ingredients help promote healthy, smooth skin that will in turn appear more even and healthy.

Now that you understand the importance of moisturizing, read on to find out how makeup can be your biggest ally in the fight to even out your skin tone.