How often should I reapply my makeup?

Makeup TIps Image Gallery The key to long-lasting makeup begins with your original makeup application. See more pictures of makeup tips.
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If you are among the countless women who wear makeup, chances are you have at least a basic beauty routine. Admit it -- before you leave your home in the morning, you spend a certain amount of time in front of the mirror so that you leave looking fresh-faced and flawless (no matter how much or how little you actually slept last night). But by lunchtime, a glance in the mirror is often disappointing -- your eyeliner has smeared, your eye shadow has creased, and your lipstick has stowed away on the edge of your coffee mug. In an ideal world, makeup would stay perfectly in place all day; in a great world, you would have plenty of time at lunch to wash your face and start your beauty routine from scratch. But in the real world, your touch-ups are limited to three minutes under horrid lighting in the office bathroom. So how can you maximize your makeup's longevity and minimize your number of trips to the ladies' room for a touch-up?

Obviously, there is no "right" -- or even consistent -- answer to the question of how many times in a day you should reapply your makeup. And, unfortunately, there's really no guaranteed way to avoid reapplying some (or all) of it, either. But with these tips, maybe you'll only need to freshen up once throughout the day, and perhaps that one time will be a quick and easy retouch rather than a complex process involving every tool in your makeup bag.

There are a few pretty easy ways you can keep your makeup looking fresher, longer -- from how you handle that first makeup application to touch-up methods to carefully monitoring the "freshness" of your cosmetics.

The original application of your cosmetics is crucial to making your look last all day (or, at least, until you have a few minutes mid-day for a quick touch-up). Read on to find out how to get the most out of your original morning makeup application.