Are bubble baths good for my skin?

Women and Bubble Baths

Bubble baths have long been a source of solace, romance and enjoyment for women. They're a great way to feel pampered and to dissolve stress, but bubble baths can also irritate a woman's delicate parts. In addition to general irritation and inflammation, women and girls may also develop the following:

  • Discharge: Normal vaginal discharge serves an important role in removing bacteria and dead cells, and this process helps prevent infection. But the use of some bubble bath products can cause abnormal discharge that may result in itching, burning and an unpleasant odor [source: WebMD].
  • Dryness: Although bubble baths don't cause vaginal dryness, they can aggravate existing conditions. Women shouldn't take a bubble bath to relieve vaginal dryness because the bubble bath may cause further drying [source: Mayo Clinic].
  • UTIs: Women and girls are at an even greater risk of contracting UTIs than men and boys. Women suffering from a UTI should especially avoid bubble baths because exposure to some ingredients can slow recovery [source: National Institutes of Health].
  • Vaginitis: A number of infections fall under the heading "vaginitis" including yeast infections. Soaking in a soothing tub of bubbles may seem like a good way to relieve itching, burning and pain, but irritants commonly found in bubble bath can actually make these symptoms worse. A bubble bath won't cause a yeast infection; however, it can make you more susceptible to one [source: Mayo Clinic].

Adults can read product labels to make informed choices about bubble bath products, but babies can't. Read on to learn how bubbles and babies mix, so you can make the best choice your infant.