Top 10 Tips for Cleansing Dry Skin


Limit Your Bathing Time

After a stressful day, is there anything more relaxing than soaking in the bathtub or taking a long, hot shower? If you have dry skin, staying in the shower too long can cause more stress in the long run. Prolonged time in the bath can dry out your skin even further. So limit your bathing time -- unless you're soaking in a pool of mineral oil or skin cream.

As we learned from the previous skin cleansing tip, you'll want to make your bathing time count by using the right skin cleanser. Wet your skin, then apply soap or cleanser with your hand, washcloth or bath puff. Rinse within a minute or two, and hop out of the water within 10 minutes from start to finish. Some skin care experts even recommend being in the water no longer than three minutes -- tops.