Top 10 Tips for Cleansing Dry Skin


Don't Strip

After rinsing off your skin cleanser and patting your skin dry with a towel, it's a good idea to apply a toner to close your skin's pores. Omitting this step can cause pimples to break out -- even on dry skin. Doctors and beauty experts recommend incorporating a toner into your daily facial cleansing regimen. There are many skin toners on the market to choose from, but if you have dry skin, you'll want to pay attention to the ingredients. If your skin sometimes resembles the Sahara, you've probably been told to avoid products that contain alcohol -- but this isn't necessarily good advice. While it's true that some alcohol pulls the moisture from your skin, just like a paint stripper takes varnish right off wood furniture and floors, other alcohols such as cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol should be OK for dry skin. Some people opt for toners that contain witch hazel, an astringent that's alcohol-free.