Anti-aging Lip Products

Types of Anti-Aging Lip Products

Lip sticks or gloss products with lip-plumping properties are very common in cosmetic aisles. Many of these products claim that their effectiveness lies in a special ingredient that actually irritates your lips. Because irritated lips will swell a bit, they'll appear plumper. These lip plumpers don't claim to last forever -- just long enough to give you fuller lips for a few hours or so.

Cinnamon, wintergreen, caffeine, ginger, menthol and forms of capsacin (the spicy chemical in chili peppers) are some well-known ingredients used in lip plumpers. They typically cause a stinging sensation and act as irritants. But too much irritation doesn't necessarily mean fuller lips; it's possible, of course, for lips to peel or develop ulcers. Even though soothing agents are used to counter the stinging effects of a lip-plumping ingredient, you should reduce or stop usage altogether if you experience too much irritation.

If you have the money and inclination, you can look into a variety of injections meant to plump your lips and last for a longer period of time, from weeks to months. Numerous types of injections are available. For example, soft-tissue fillers can inject autologous fat, or fat from your own body, into your lips [source: WebMD].

Some other products used in lip plumping injections include:

  • Artecoli, a synthetic material
  • Cow collagen, a protein extracted from cows
  • Autologen, your own collagen
  • Fascia, a type of connective tissue that comes from your body or a cadaver
  • Hylaform and Restylane, products that contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that is found in the body [source: WebMD].

Now that you know the options, read on to learn how well these anti-aging lip products work.