How can a man get the best shave possible?

Proper technique and the right tools can help you get a great shave. See more personal hygiene pictures.

Unless you're growing (or sporting) a full beard, shaving is undoubtedly part of your daily routine. Many men learned to shave as teenagers at their father's side and maybe even still use the same kind of aftershave splash as their dad. Shaving products have come a long way, and for the best shave, you'll need to have more in your bag of tricks than a single-blade razor and a can of foaming shaving cream.

Fortunately, there's no right or wrong way to shave. Whatever works best for your skin and your personal care routine is what's right, but there are some tips and tricks to help make shaving an easier, less irritating experience.

If you're ready for a baby-smooth, bump-free face, the right technique can help you take the guesswork out of shaving. But don't grab your six-bladed razor and state-of-the-art shave gel just yet. First, check out the next page for a look at how to prepare your skin properly for a close shave.