How to Moisturize Your Body

Tips for Moisturizing Your Body

Whether you're new to moisturizing or you've been doing it for ages, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of this skin care ritual:

  • When you're ready for a soothing bath, don't pour that bath oil into the water. Instead, put it where it really needs to go -- on your skin -- before submerging yourself in the tub. This way, you know the oil's made it onto your skin and is not just floating around it. Furthermore, the warm bath water will enhance the oil's hydrating effects [source: Dakss].
  • Don't overlook your legs, arms, elbows and knees. These areas tend to dry out easily and may need an extra coating of a rich body balm to keep them hydrated.
  • Exfoliate before you moisturize. By removing the dead skin cells, you're essentially clearing the way for the moisturizer to do its job.
  • If you're looking for a heavy-duty moisturizer that can tackle tough winter dryness, search for creams that come in tubs or pots, which are thicker and more moisturizing than lotions that come in pump containers [source: Bruno]. Or, better yet, raid the maternity skin care aisle; these products are designed for exceptionally dry skin and often have few ingredients, making them less likely to cause a skin allergy or reaction [source: Dakss].
  • Dreading what condition your skin will be in after that 10-hour flight? Do your homework the night before you leave by applying an intense moisturizer just prior to bedtime. In the morning, apply your usual moisturizer, but skip the foundation, which can cake or flake mid-flight [source: Bouchez].

There's no doubt that healthy skin is hydrated skin. Using a moisturizer is a simple but effective way to bring out the best in your skin. For more information on moisturizing, peruse the links below.

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