How to Moisturize From the Inside Out

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If your skin has ever felt more like sandpaper than a baby's bottom, you know how miserable dry skin can be. Dry skin can cause all sorts of discomfort, including peeling, flaking, cracking, redness and itching. The good news is you can avoid that all-over itchy feeling by taking time to keep your body well hydrated from the inside out.

The obvious way to get rid of dry skin externally is to moisturize regularly. If you can remember to slather on the moisturizer right after you get out of the tub, even better. Other steps you can take to soothe your dry skin include taking shorter baths and using warm water instead of hot to shower or bathe [source: American Academy of Dermatology].

But the old adage that it's what's on the inside that counts also applies to the health of your skin. What you put into your body can help get rid of dry skin and prevent new dry patches from forming. Since you need to eat and drink anyway, you might as well get the most from your daily diet, and that means using your intake to output healthy skin. What you eat and drink can not only boost your energy and your immune system, it can also help keep your skin hydrated.

In addition to keeping your skin soft and supple, hydrating from the inside out is important to your general health and bodily functions. If you get dehydrated, you can wind up weak and dizzy. And in some extreme cases, if you lose too many fluids, you might require a trip to the emergency room for fluid treatment [source: WebMD: Dehydration].

You can avoid dehydration -- and dry, scaly skin to boot -- by maintaining good hydration levels. Keep reading to find out just how helpful hydration can be.