Moisturizing Gloves

Types of Moisturizing Gloves

Many moisturizing gloves work by including a gel lining that soothes your hands when you put them on. The gel lining is meant to speed up the moisturizing process and help your dry or chapped skin heal much more quickly than it might with lotion or hand cream alone. Conditioning ingredients such as aloe, green tea, vitamin E and vegetable oils can make up the gel. The specific oils will vary from brand to brand, but their purpose is the same. Gloves hold the moisturizers against your skin and allow them to penetrate more deeply. Think of moisturizing gloves with gel as a power dose of vitamins and moisturizing agents for your skin.

Other moisturizing gloves are woven from fabrics treated with moisturizing agents. In place of a lining inside the glove, this type is made from fabrics that have been pre-treated with moisturizing oils. The oils are massaged into your skin as you wear the gloves and go about your daily activities.

Depending on how you use them, some regular pairs of gloves without the gel lining or the infused moisturizers could still be beneficial. If you put regular cotton gloves on your hands after applying lotion, the gloves will help hold the moisture on your skin, allowing it to absorb better and keep your hands feeling soft and smooth.

Once you've picked the gloves that are right for you, using and cleaning moisturizing gloves is easy. Read on for the hands-on approach of how to use moisturizing gloves.