3 Reasons Your Nails Are Naturally Dark

Not everyone has perfectly healthy nails.
Not everyone has perfectly healthy nails.

You're probably familiar with the type of nail discoloration that occurs when using dark nail polish. It can leave a tint behind even after diligent rubbing with nail polish remover. That type of staining is pretty straightforward and easy to fix with a nail primer. Sometimes even pristine nails can display unique hues, though. Unusual shading may be related to the skin under the nails. If you have darkish skin or are unusually pale, your nails may appear naturally darker or lighter. If you've just finished a workout and your blood is well oxygenated, your nails could look a darker or more vibrant shade of pink, too.

More often, nail color is a reflection of your lifestyle or overall health, though. Dark or discolored nails can be a warning sign of a vitamin deficiency or even of a medical condition you should address sooner rather than later. On the next pages, let's take a look some reasons you may have naturally dark nails.

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