3 Reasons Your Nails Are Naturally Dark

1: You May Have a Medical Condition
Get rid of the polish so your doctor can see exactly what is happening beneath the surface.
Get rid of the polish so your doctor can see exactly what is happening beneath the surface.

Just because you've had quirky, colorful nails for a while doesn't mean that bluish, brown, yellow or two-toned darkening is biologically normal for you. What you've come to expect as the regular appearance of your nails may actually be a subtle indication that you have a medical problem that needs attention. In fact, doctors will often inspect a patient's nails for symptoms of disease. It's true that a recent change in the appearance of your nails is a potential warning sign you should discuss with your doctor, but darkening that's been present for a long time can still be significant.

If you have a doctor's appointment coming up, avoid applying polish to your nails for a while, and ask your doctor to have a look at your naked nails. We don't want to alarm you here. Nail coloration (shape and density) can suggest illness, but one symptom, like nail color, can occur across a number of conditions, some minor and others major. If you think your nails may be trying to tell you something, listen to your digits and get a professional assessment.

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