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Some moms-to-be are willing to try anything to induce labor naturally once the final days of the third trimester hit. Besides warm baths and spicy foods, there's another method that's said to speed things along: pedicures. True or false?

By Tom Scheve

Is one better than the other at removing polish? What about on your nails?

By Rachel Oswald

A perfect manicure or pedicure isn't all about the trendy color you put on top. Why should a base coat be the first step in any lacquer job?

By Stephanie Watson


When you paint your toenails "I'm Not Really a Waitress" red, what ingredients are you adhering to your nails? Is polish good or bad for your finger and toenails?

By Sarah Winkler

Buffing your nails regularly not only gives them a smooth shine, it also promotes healthy nail growth. But could buffing too much actually cause damage?

By Shannon Cicero

Trimming a baby's nails can be a scary prospect for parents afraid of accidentally nicking their newborn's skin. But since it's a necessary task, how often does it need to be done?

By Shannon Cicero

Nail length is mainly a matter of personal preference, but certain factors can affect how often they need to be cut. What should you consider when deciding when to trim your nails?

By Gina Fisher


Regular trimming isn't the only important part of caring for your fingernails; keeping them filed also has some key benefits. How does this step help keep your fingernails healthy?

By Shannon Cicero

Nail infections may not sound particularly serious, but they can be painful and can easily spread to surrounding tissue. But how do you know if your nail is infected, and how do you treat it?

By Susan Sentry

You've probably torn a fingernail or toenail before, and you know how frustrating and painful that can be. But how can you treat torn nails to help them grow back quickly?

By Christina Pander

Those pointy-toed heels may look great, but they can wreak havoc on your feet. If you have a red, swollen toe, it may be an ingrown nail, but how do you treat this often-painful condition?

By Christina Pander


Cracked, splitting nails can be unsightly and sometimes even painful, but how can you treat this frustrating condition?

By Shannon Cicero

If your brittle nails could talk, they would probably demand more protein or moisture. How can you get it to them and keep your nails happy and healthy?

By Jacob Silverman

Sometimes, you just can't seem to help yourself. You resolve to quit biting your nails only to find your fingers looking ragged and bloody at the end of the day. How can you kick your nervous habit?

By Shanna Freeman & Colleen Cancio

Your toenails and fingernails can suffer from a variety of problems. The good news is that by following practical recommendations, you can keep your nails problem-free. Learn about home remedy secrets to maintaining nail health.

By Editors of Consumer Guide