Rosacea Overview

National Rosacea Society

The National Rosacea Society (NRS) was founded in 1992, when it was thought that perhaps 200,000 people were affected by rosacea. Each year, more than 800,000 people with rosacea access educational services provided by this organization. The NRS also conducts awareness activities that reach out to 400 million people annually [source: National Rosacea Society].

The National Rosacea Society provides services in four areas: public awareness, public education, medical scientific education and research grants

The organization's public awareness efforts are targeted toward educating a public that for the most part knows little or nothing about rosacea. The NRS Web site is part of its public awareness program, as is its designation of April as Rosacea Awareness Month. The site is designed to assist medical personnel, patients and interested members of the general public. The NRS provides further information through its newsletter, Rosacea Review, which is edited by a Harvard dermatologist, as well as other publications, bibliography compilations and patient surveys.

The NRS' medical scientific education includes peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles, conferences to determine standard criteria of different aspects of rosacea and its treatment, and educational workshops. The research component of the NRS has resulted in funding for 45 research studies to date.

Now that you know where you can turn to for information about all aspects of rosacea, read on for some helpful tips about makeup and skin care for rosacea patients.