Mole Removal Overview

Mole Removal Aftercare

It doesn't take much to ensure a speedy recovery and minimal scarring after a mole-removal procedure. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and avoid some common mistakes to ensure your skin will be as good as new in a couple weeks.

Following a mole-removal procedure, you should clean the area twice a day with water or diluted hydrogen peroxide and apply an antibiotic cream and a clean bandage [source: Schlessinger]. You may have heard that air helps a wound heal, but studies show that cuts heal faster when they're treated with an antibiotic cream and covered with a bandage. And while topical vitamin E may help reduce scarring, it's best to wait to apply it until the wound heals completely. Applying vitamin E too soon can slow the healing process and possibly make scarring even worse [source: Schlessinger].


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