How to Moisturize the Scalp

Scalp Oils

If you're looking for the right way to moisturize a dry scalp, know that the answer doesn't always lie with shampoos and conditioners. Scalp oils help to moisturize your scalp, and they can even work better than moisturizing products do in some cases. Your body keeps your skin moisturized naturally by secreting oil called sebum through glands in your skin. However, sometimes the skin doesn't produce as much sebum as it should, which leads to dryness. Special oil products help to make up for this deficit and keep the scalp lubricated so that it doesn't dry out.

Oil will stay on skin longer than a moisturizing cream or lotion will, which is why it works well as a treatment for dry scalp. One of the most common oils used to moisturize the scalp is jojoba oil. Other popular scalp oils to use include various mineral oils, cod liver oil and coconut oil.

Many of the scalp oil products on the market today have a mixture of natural oils, antioxidants and glycerin to protect your hair [source: Cosmetics and Toiletries]. These products can provide treatment for both your scalp and your hair, and you can find them at most spas or beauty supply stores.

Scalp oils might seem like a simple solution to dry scalp, but you're probably wondering how to use them without getting your hair too greasy. And, if you have oily hair, you might be concerned about adding more oil to the equation. Read on to find out how to moisturize your scalp while maintaining soft, clean hair.