Scalp Massage Basics

Scalp Massage Brushes

Scalp massage has several benefits, even when you use just your fingers. But if you add a brush into the mix, you can increase the good feeling you get.

A scalp massage brush is a small tool that fits in the palm of your hand, usually about the size of a tennis ball. It includes thick bristles made specifically for the scalp. It offers a lot more than your everyday hairbrush, which is intended for hair and could be too harsh on the thin skin on your scalp. A massage brush also may include a handle with a good grip so that you can use the brush in the shower and avoid dropping it in a damp environment.

Using a massage brush to knead your scalp provides the same benefits of a massage, but using the brush while shampooing can also can help your hair. It can remove dirt in your hair and on your scalp, and distribute shampoo and conditioner. It can strengthen the roots of your hair and even the hair follicles where hair grows. Just as scalp massage can pull natural moisturizers out of the pores and onto your scalp, it also can draw those natural oils into the hair. This can leave your hair shiny, soft and strong.

With just your fingertips or a good brush, you can relieve stress, improve your hair's condition and create a healthy scalp all by yourself. Of course, if you want to pamper yourself, you can always go to a salon to get a scalp massage. To learn more about scalp massage, see the links below.

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