10 Low-impact Exercises for Seniors



Walking is one of the best low-impact endurance exercises. It takes very little planning to get started, and it's easy enough on the joints that many seniors can keep up a walking routine until very late in life. The keys to a beneficial walking routine are the right pair of shoes and some good stretching after your walk.

Look for a pair of walking shoes with good cushioning and heel support, and don't be afraid try on different shoes until you find a pair that feels right. You want to make sure they don't pinch your toes in front or allow your heel to slip out in back. Comfortable shoes will make your walks safer and more enjoyable.

While you're walking, you want to focus on your posture, keeping your back straight and shoulders rolled back. If you're new to walking, start with a short distance and increase your walks by a few minutes each time until you're able to walk for 30- to 60-minute stretches.

After your walk, you'll want to do a few stretches to protect the muscles that you just worked and prevent injury. Do a few stretches for your calves and hamstrings, along with ankle rolls, to help your muscles recover.