10 Low-impact Exercises for Seniors



Golf is more than a fun way to socialize and get outdoors. There are a slew of health benefits for seniors who golf, including increased flexibility and strength. If you've never golfed before, you might take a class to learn the basics. An instructor can help you get off to a good start and reduce the risk of injury by showing you how to swing with the proper form. Golfing for health isn't about having the lowest score: It's about having fun and getting exercise at the same time.

Swinging the club helps build your muscles and improve your range of motion, while walking the course helps with endurance training. If you're not able to walk the whole course initially, just do what you can and gradually add more walking each time you play. If you're golfing with friends, you can take turns driving the cart or walking so you get in some cardiovascular exercise without overdoing it.

It's a good idea to warm up your body before you play a round of golf and to do a few stretches for the hips, calves and upper body afterward to help prevent injury and improve your game.

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