Running Injuries

Running injuries happen all the time. Soreness and cramping are among the most common running injuries but some of them can be far more serious. Check out this section to learn all about running injuries and how to deal with them.

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Some runners swear by them, but others not so much. Can wearing minimalist running shoes improve your running — for life? We talked to an Olympic marathoner to find out.

By Stephanie Vermillion

People who take on the 26-mile run may be prone to acute kidney injury, a condition that can cause swelling, pain and even seizures.

By Shelley Danzy

If you're training for 10K or a marathon, you don't want to halt your preparation because of a nasty cold. Is it OK to run when you're under the weather?

By Debra Ronca


You want to stay in shape but pain in your lower legs is holding you back. What's going on? You may be suffering from shin splints.

By Victoria Vogt

Runners constantly push themselves to improve, seeking faster times or greater endurance. But sometimes less can be more when overtraining begins to have negative effects.

By John Kelly

There's nothing like a good run on a crisp, sunny day. But what happens when the weather turns from crisp to frigid? What can you do to make your daily winter run a little easier?

By Debra Ronca

"Oh, gotta stop for one second! I have a side stitch!" Has that ever happened to you while running? Of course it has. We've got some simple techniques for avoiding and treating this common ailment.

By Kevin P. Allen


When it comes to running, no one is invincible. Injuries can hinder veteran runners as well as beginners. What should you do if you twist something -- can you treat some injuries yourself, or should you head to the doctor's office?

By Marianne Spoon