5 Hygiene Tips for Staying Fresh All Day


Wear Clean Clothes Every Day

Clothing can be dirty with more than you might want to imagine, harboring everything from both normal and potentially dangerous bacteria to feces and viruses. We also perspire in our clothing, whether it's your workout gear or your office suit, and this can make you smell like sweat. Without proper and frequent sanitizing, some of this bacteria can hang around for weeks (although when it comes to jeans, some suggest a wear-and-wear rather than wash-and-wear approach, recommending that jeans be washed at least once a month).

If it's sweat you're worried about, natural fibers such as cotton and wool are always good choices. Wool, for example, is quick to wick away your sweat and naturally defends against bacterial growth (which can cause body odor). And foot odor? Wash feet daily, dry them thoroughly and wear socks made of natural fibers (such as cotton) instead of synthetics, which can exacerbate a sweaty, smelly foot problem.

Smelling fresh is about more than just your clothes, so keep reading.